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Home is an idea that manifests itself in various forms and conditions. (Social, political, cultural etc.) The standard ideas and norms of the idealised domestic scene projected by the society as a kind of romanticism have become a system of measurement; both physically and psychologically. We are surrounded and produced by renderings and representations; virtual environments and images that envisions the future. Somewhere between fiction and reality, desire and expectations lies the image of the ideal home; the ideological construction and anticipation of how a space should be lived. How are images shaping our ideas of home and the choices we make? What constitutes a domestic scene? This research examines whether or not images of domestic space have become biased. It investigates the making-of domestic scenes by analysing the emergence of objects and situations, amplifying the hidden and the undesired; making the invisible visible. Through experiment carried out in my own apartment, this project considers how the staging of and speculating on domestic space can render an alternative image representing home with a series of photographs and illustrations.


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